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Guidelines for authors

Guidelines for authors

Dear Colleagues,

Psychological Prospects is a peer-reviewed open-access scholarly periodical indexed and listed in international databases in the field of social sciences, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science as a specialized journal where the results of the theses for obtaining the degrees of Doctor and Ph.D. (Candidate) of psychological sciences can be published.

The editorial board of Psychological Prospects Journal invites you to send your paper for publishing in the Journal. The editorial board will review the papers and inform the author(s) about any decision. The editorial board will be responsible for the publication reserving the right of requesting the author(s) for modifications. Only papers in Ukrainian, English, Russian are accepted. The originals must meet the following requirements:


The original must be in version similar or higher than Word 97. The recommended length is 12 pages (max 3,000 words) including references, printed on A4 paper format, with 2,5 cm for upper, lower and  left margins, 1 cm for right margins, observing 1.5 space between lines and with Times new roman font type, with a 14 point body. 


The first page must include author(s) name and affiliation. It should be written in bold, centered, times new roman, 14 point body, e.g. Larysa Zasiekina, Head of General and Social Psychology Department, Lesya Ukrainka East European National University.


Each paper should include brief abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English which should contain 200-250 words preceded by the author’s family and given names, title of the article (in the respective language). The three abstracts should be written in italics with a 10 point body. Also 5-7 key words should be included at the end of each of them.


Quotations in the text should be as follows: According to Gilberg, Warr [1; 3], where 1 and 3 means the first and the third position in the literature, while [1, 3] means the first position in the literature and number of page with quotation. Comments and notes should be included in footnotes. Any examples should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. No images or illustrations should be inserted. The article should contain the following parts: background of the problem; objectives; procedure of the research; methods and test materials; conclusion.


References should come at the end of the paper. They should be written according to the APA norms with a 14 point body and in alphabetic order. The Ukrainian and Russian references should be written originally, then transcribed in Latin italicized letters and translated below, e.g. 

       1. Выготский Л. С. Мышление и речь / Л. С. Выготский. - М. : Лабиринт, 2001. - 368 с.

Vygotsky, L. Myshleniye i rech [Thinking and Speech]/ L. Vygotsky. – Moscow: Labirint, 2001. – 368 p.; 

2. Кравчук С. Теоретична модель інтелекту / С. Кравчук // Психологічні перспективи. - 2006. - № 18. - С. 222-230.

KravchukSTeoretychna model intelektu [Theoretical model of intelligence] / S. Kravchuk // Psycholohichni Perspektyvy. – 2006. – No 18. – P. 222-230;  

The papers should be sent to the E-mail:

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